CFL Caseworker training course dates for 2016

There will be a number of two-day CFL Caseworker training courses run at London venues. More details including dates can be found here.

CFL Caseworker v4.5-046 released

CFL Caseworker v4.5-046 has been released. Improvements include:

  • Screens are now displayed in the correct order when running CFL Caseworker on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Improvements have been made in the way CFL Caseworker interacts with Word, resulting in improved performance with Word 2013

To obtain this upgrade, please contact Computing for Labour on (020) 7783 1002.

Outlook Plugin for CFL Caseworker is released

The Outlook Plugin for CFL Caseworker has been released, which enables you to access CFL Caseworker cases through Outlook.

To get this add on for CFL Caseworker please call Computing for Labour on (020) 7783 1002.

V4.5 of CFL Caseworker has been released

CFL Caseworker V4.5 has been released. New features include

  • support for surgery appointments
  • case bookmarks so you can return quickly to cases you were working on
  • searching on email address
  • and much more. To get the upgrade call Computing for Labour on (020) 7783 1002
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